Beta Reading


Simply Beta


We will correct basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation (not a substitute for editor services.)


We will help with character development, plot issues, readability, and flow. We will make sure there are no overly repetive word usage, dialogue, and descriptions.


We will also help with descriptions and making sure the dialogue stays true to the characters.


We will provide detailed chapter by chapter reviews.



Price: 0.00065 per word


Flat fee of $100 per manuscript 150k words - 200k words

Flat fee of $140 per manuscript over 200k words


Add $25 for a second beta reader


Simply Beta Complete


Includes everything in the Simply Beta Package


Research on the subject and locations to promote accuracy.

Assistance with scene development.

2 Free beta reads and reviews after changes are made (within 3 months)

Chat conferencing

2 Beta readers giving feedback and chapter by chapter reviews


Price: 0.001 per word


Editing Service


We will edit your work, focusing on sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. With the editing service, we will also offer our simply beta package at no additional charge.


Price: 0.0015 - 0.005 per word (depending on how much work is actually needed. Please send the first two chapters of the manuscript for a more accurate quote.)


We do accept work still in progress. If you have a story you are currently working on, send us and email and we will set up arrangements with you.